Bird Identification Quiz: #5 of 12

Each Wednesday for 12 weeks, I will be posting a quiz which consists of 10 bird photos. Some will be very well known and others not so well known. All have appeared during my Toronto area nature walks. On the following day, I will post the same pictures with the species names given for each bird.

Feel free to use bird guides or on-line help.

American goldfinch: male (left) and female (right)

Mute Swan

House Finch (photo: flickr)

Turkey Vulture (photo: wikimedia)

Palm Warbler (photo: wikimedia)

Black and White Warbler (photo: wikimedia)

Black-crowned Night Heron (photo: wikimedia)

Hermit Thrush (photo: flickr)

Eastern Towhee

House Wren (photo: Ken Sproule)

Miles Hearn

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