Wind and Water: Photos by Ken Sproule


As a follow up to a February post (Snow and Ice), I have gathered some of my pictures focusing on two other forces of nature: wind and water.

On the Leslie Spit some people enjoy creating rock sculptures out of wave-scoured rubble. You can often find an Inukshuk …


… or some abstract structure composed of wave scoured  brick and rock, sometimes held together with rebar. Here someone has searched for rocks of the proper size and shape to create a footprint along the footpath.


Also at the Spit, some people like to gather wave-scoured bricks for use in their garden.


Water and wind can form some interesting patterns. Below is a picture of wind formed sand ripples on a Toronto Islands beach.


And here is a picture of water formed mud ripples in the east Don River …


… and another off the boardwalk at Toronto Islands.


The waves from Lake Ontario (with some help from the wind) have created the Scarborough Bluffs. A counter-clockwise current caused by the Niagara river has moved the eroded sand westward to form the Toronto Islands (originally a peninsula until storms in the 19th century created the Eastern Gap).


Wind can help to form some interesting cloud formations. These storm clouds, with a little imagination (and disregarding the trees), can be turned into a storm-tossed sea or a mountain range below an almost indistinguishable stormy sky.


This cloud formation reminds me of a seagull.


That’s all for now.

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