Inspired by “Mrs Chippy’s Last Expedition”, Barry Clegg has written from the point of view of a cat named Molly.

Molly and the Cat Sitters

Two new people came on Thursday, and mine drove away.

He’s nice, strokes my head whenever he goes by – a respectful man, well trained. Her mind’s on other things, but she always says hello.

I could tell they were all right and liked my place, so I took a nap on the black chair. It’s my kind of colour, and it gives me a good view of the downstairs and the west deck.

Woke refreshed, had a good stretch.

They were outside by the barbecue, then they took turns in the hammock and the long deckchair. Looks like they want to try sitting everywhere possible. I understand!

She mentioned raspberries and off they went round the front. Came back later licking their fingers. How can they bear that mush?

A good night out, dry and cool. The usual stuff – asserted my authority, investigated activities in the small-animal kingdom.

Can not get used to that frog spouting into the pond – such a confusing sound. I’d take those fish anyway if only I could keep my paws dry.

Bit of scare when an owl flew over. Got to respect those birds, how they drop out of nowhere and snatch something from under your nose. Or snatch you…

Heard the piano going next morning before they’d even let me into the house. The food was ready for me, though – same old same old, but always good.

Had a refreshing workout on the edge of a chair, troubled again by the suspicion that something was missing.

They get muddled sometimes and call me she. It should be easy enough: I think of it as Molly for Molière the extraordinaire when I’m feeling playful, or for Molotov if there’s a dog around.

Saw Grumps coming over for breakfast. He used to think he was invisible because he’s all black (quite unimaginative, really). I told him it’s only at night. Now see how cautiously he treads. Lives outside and boasts of his independence, but what about comfort, I say.

Went downstairs to do some thinking, in my special place by the computer. They called for me but I paid no attention. It’s good for them to wonder where I am. 

He found me when he came to empty the dehumidifier. Gave me a nice rub so I turned inside out and purred for him. Then went back to sleep.

One afternoon he tricked me – called me over from the bushes, then lifted me indoors and shut me in. That won’t happen again.

This evening they were packing up, cleaning and tidying like crazy. They came to say goodbye while I was resting in the piano room. 

He said, “You’re in charge now, Molly!”

So what else is new?


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