Bathing Beauty: A Peregrine Falcon


As a predator at the end of the food chain, the peregrine falcon is always a rare bird


In the days of DDT insecticides, the species was almost wiped out. Happily they are becoming more common.


Heather and Barbara from one of our walking groups had the happy experience of watching a peregrine bathe in Lake Ontario at Col Sam Smith Park. These are some of their photos.


DSC05709 (480x320)




Thank-you Heather and Barbara!


2 thoughts on “Bathing Beauty: A Peregrine Falcon

  1. Guy Harrald

    Fantastic photos.
    We have a resident pair here in my home town of New Milton in the New Forest, UK. They live in the water tower which looks like a castle.
    There’s another pair in a tower 4 miles away.

    I didn’t know until today that Peregrines need to bath once a day and searching for a suitable bathing place is one of its main priorities. Reference ‘The Peregrine ‘ by J A Baker.


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