Snow and Ice: Photos by Ken Sproule

The recent snow and cold snap has reminded me of some interesting pictures of snow and ice I have taken over the last few years. Here are some of them.

Some people enjoy taking pictures in black and white for the artistic effect. In winter you don’t have to adjust your camera as with the following two images. A tree in the Don Valley shot from the Overlea bridge…


… and the staircase leading down to the North Toronto Treatment Plant in Crother’s Woods.


The ice storm of December 2013 encrusted this twig from a Linden tree.


The crashing waves from Lake Ontario can also create some interesting effects with plants such  as with this Red-osier Dogwood.


When conditions are right you can find some interesting icicle formations. This picture was taken in the lower Don.


Some insects such as this Crane Fly seem to enjoy the snow (or more likely it just happens to coincide with their emergence in the spring). I have also seen Wolf Spiders on the snow in early March.


A microscope would seem to be more useful when photographing ice cystals but you can get some interesting images with a camera, a little patience and a lot of picture taking as with the following two images. At Sunnybrook Park…


… and Todmorden Mills.


You will have to brave the cold and the wind and the snow but there is always something interesting to photograph.








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