Adele’s January Week in Barbados

Last January found me in southern Barbados where I stayed for one week at the Accra Beach Hotel.
My Air Canada agent was my cheerleader.  She planned days that reflected my interests and pocketbook. 
I ate some meals at the hotel but also bought oranges, good cheese and crackers. But I was eager for my first taste of flying fish in the hotel.
On Sunday morning I attended the baptism of two cute babies at a seaside Anglican Church.
The flowers in Barbados were pretty, delicate, and everywhere. Some flowers were medium pizza-sized.  I visited a rainforest where turtles looked like chocolate cakes with shell-top pink icing spots. 
A visit to an old garrison revealed a renowned collection of old cannons and various sized cannonballs.  Beside part of the garrison was the glamorous Hilton Hotel.
In the noonday sun the Barbados Legion performed the changing of the guard. They drummed with vigour and respect in their stunning red jackets. Queen Victoria chose the design because she liked Algerian military designs.
Across from the garrison buildings were the former marching grounds. When sodden, they caused yellow fever.  Now long drained, they are a racetrack.  Horses go in the sea every morning and then race before it gets too hot.
It was fun to shop by myself in Bridgetown. I bought my daughter a Barbados cookbook and a print of a radiant portable chattel house for myself.
I sailed from Bridgetown on a catamaran.  Not a great swimmer I didn’t feed the turtles but I booked myself to go out with a boat full of friendly turtle feeder folk.  What a merry time!
At night I ogled sunsets and watched CBC – Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation.   
Great fun my last night – pedicure and purple nails and why not!
Adele Koehnke


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