A Different Kind of Nature Walk Report

Hello Miles,

 We really missed you this morning in more ways than one, but never fear, we did get a walk in.  We settled on meeting in my “hood”, with a walk that started at Alexander Muir Park and took us through the ravines to Bayview.  We did not stop there, but wandered into Sunnybrook property to see the Estates of Sunnybrook and then kind of got lost at Glendon College in a building!  Of course, we had to recover over a great Pub lunch, which started with the rain and ended with the sun.

 Here is our route through the parks.


Bird Highlight – Unidentified:

lisa 1

Botany Highlight: Fragrant Sumac (Lisa’s Garden)

lisa 2

Species List:  Heard but not seen, Cardinal and Chickadee (2 species).  Dogs and walkers (all obeying the maximum dogs at one time rule) (many species).

 We will be there next week for sure.

 Lisa (and Leigh)

Thank-you to Lisa Bennett and Leigh Davidson!!!

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