Canoeing the Mountains

Canoeing the Mountain: Gifts from the Waters, by Phil Weir transports the reader, bringing them along on a life-changing wilderness canoeing adventure on the wild and beautiful Mountain River in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Only a few days into the 18 day trip, close calls and serious challenges arise for eight friends when one of their four canoes wraps around a rock. This true adventure campfire tale shares the joys and trials of an unforgettable trip. It celebrates whitewater canoeing, the wonders of nature, and the paddler’s inner journey. Progress is more than simply going down a river.
Whether you’re an experienced camper and paddler, or someone who has never been in a canoe, come along and share this exhilarating experience. Be there for a time.
From Canoeing the Mountain:
 “Our canoe was neither fully stopped, nor over to the right quite far enough to miss touching. Just another moment, maybe three or four more powerful strokes; who knows, fifteen centimetres and we would have cleared it. But there were no more moments for us to somehow paddle harder, no more sideways movement to let us skim past the edge of that rock. We tried our best, but just didn’t make it. With large waves heaving directly beside the right gunwale of our open canoe, our nose gently bumped into that memorable black rock – not very hard, but hard enough.”
“I am left knowing that I’ve been to wondrous places, and done things I can hardly believe. I was there, did those things, saw those things, smelled that air, ran those waters.”
Available directly from the author, signed if requested.
Paperback, $20.00
Shipping is free.
Makes a great gift for anyone who loves the outdoors.
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