Humber Bay: Sept 15, 2013

5C to start but sunny, calm, and warming to 12C at 11am.
Bird Highlights: Red-necked grebe, red-breasted and hooded merganser, mute swan with 1 white and 2 gray cygnets, northern shoveler, American wigeon, great egret, black-crowned night-heron, great blue heron, osprey, kestrel, belted kingfisher, swainson’s thrush, blue-gray gnatcatcher, northern parula, yellow-rumped, chestnut-sided, magnolia & palm warblers, American redstart
Northern shoveler female

Northern shoveler female

Botany highlight: 3 poplar species
Populus deltoides (Eastern cottonwoow)

Populus deltoides (Eastern cottonwoow)

Butterflies: monarch and sulphur
Other bird Species: Canada goose, mallard, gadwall, double-crested cormorant, herring gull, ring-billed gull, rock pigeon, mourning dove, ruby-throated hummingbird, northern flicker, flycatcher sp, northern mockingbird, gray catbird, European starling, song sparrow, northern cardinal, common grackle, American goldfinch.  (38 species)

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