Don Valley \ Beechwood: May 14, 2011

light fog and 18 degrees at the start.

Botany Highlight: sarsaparilla, goutweed, elderberry

Aralia nudicaulis (Sarsaparilla)

Aralia nudicaulis (Sarsaparilla)

Bird Highlight: scarlet tanager, 4 thrush species, 4 flycatcher species, 8 warbler species.

Scarlet tanager

Scarlet tanager

Species list: double-crested cormorant, Canada goose, mallard, wood duck, killdeer, spotted sandpiper,  ring-billed gull, mourning dove, belted kingfisher, common flicker, downy woodpecker, eastern kingbird, great-crested flycatcher, least flycatcher, eastern phoebe, tree swallow, rough-winged swallow, barn swallow, blue jay, American crow, black-capped chickadee, northern mockingbird, gray catbird, American robin, wood thrush, Swainson’s thrush, veery, European starling, warbling vireo, Nashville warbler, yellow warbler, magnolia warbler, yellow-rumped warbler, northern waterthrush, common yellowthroat, Canada warbler, American redstart, red-winged blackbird, northern oriole, common grackle, brown-headed cowbird, scarlet tanager, northern cardinal, house finch, American goldfinch, white-throated sparrow, song sparrow. (47 species)

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